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  • In the production process of shale oil, semi-coke, coke, calcium carbide and ferroalloy refining enterprises, a large number of low-calorific value industrial exhausts will be produced. The components of these combustible gases are mainly hydrogen and carbon monoxide, featured by complicated components, contain impurities, unstable components, large toxicity, inflammable and explosive, and most of the exhaust are burned and discharged except for a few for refinery's own use.

  • For such gases, company developed high-power syngas generator targeted for coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, semi-coke gas, oil shale gas, calcium carbide gas and iron alloy gas etc.. Utilization of combustible industrial exhaust gas turning waste into treasure, solve the emissions pollution and save power resources.

▪ Strong adaptability to hydrogen and carbon monoxide, wide application.
▪ Good tolerance to tar, dust, sulfur, naphthalene and other impurities in syngas.
▪ Air and gas mixing inside cylinder, high hydrogen gas without tempering, high safety.
▪ Air-fuel ratio automatic adjustment, adaptability to gas fluctuation, stable power output.
▪ A key start, automatic closing and loading function, high degree of automation.
▪ Long running time, low failure rate, long overhaul period and low running cost.


Versatile applications, reliable top performance for maximum earnings.
Syngas generator at a glance.
Gas requirement.

▪    Gas temperature≤40℃
▪    Gas pressure 2.5~10kPa
▪    Pressure change rate≤1kPa/min
▪    Gas calorific value ≥ 4.0MJ/Nm3
▪    Moisture content≤40g/Nm3,no free water 
▪    Impurity size≤5μm
▪    Impurity content≤30mg/Nm3
▪    Tar content≤50mg/Nm3
▪    H2S≤50mg/Nm3
▪    Total sulfur content≤100mg/Nm3
▪    NH3≤20mg/Nm3
▪    C6H6≤50 mg/Nm3
▪    C10H8≤50 mg/Nm3
▪    H2≤60%
▪    O2≤1%





In 2012, the product passed the appraisal of scientific and technological achievements organized by the Science and Technology Department of Shandong Province and determined that its technical level has reached the international advanced level. The product has been widely used in power generation of coke oven gas, furnace gas, semi-coke gas, oil shale gas, calcium carbide gas, and iron alloy exhaust gas. It has achieved good economic and social benefits and is well received by users.

Syngas generator