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Wood waste, branches and twigs in forestry; agricultural straws, cotton stalks; rice husks on farms; bagasse from sugar factories; wood chips from wood processing plants; and municipal waste all can be used as source for power generation.




Versatile applications.
Biomass gas generator adopt non-turbocharged naturally aspirated gas intake technology. The unit's reliability and continuous operation performance are unmatched by domestic counterparts and have absolute market advantages, are widely used in Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Croatia, Romania, Lithuania and other countries.
  • Biomass gas, municipal waste gas generator

  • Biomass gas, municipal waste gas generator

Forest waste and branch; agricultural straw, cotton stalks; rice husk; sugar cane residue in sugar mills; sawdust in wood processing plants; and municipal waste these raw material through incomplete combustion in furnace produce combustible gas which the main ingredient is carbon monoxide, after necessary purification such gas can be used to generate electricity. Biomass gasification and power generation use renewable energy effectively, protect environment, also supported by national policy.





Biomass / Municipal Waste Gasification Power Generation Flow Chart.

Top performance for maximum earnings.

▪    Gas temperature≤40℃
▪    Gas pressure 2.5~10kPa
▪    Pressure change rate≤1kPa/min
▪    Calorific value ≥ 4.0MJ/Nm3; moisture content≤40g/Nm3,no free water 
▪    Impurity content≤30mg/Nm3
▪    Impurity size≤5μm
▪    Tar content≤50mg/Nm3
▪    H2S≤50mg/Nm3
▪    Total sulfur content≤100mg/Nm3
▪    NH3≤20mg/Nm3 
▪    Cl≤50mg/Nm3
▪    H2≤50%
▪    O2≤1%




Gas requirement.

▪ Non-turbocharged naturally aspirated gas intake, double layer gas intake system with high tar tolerance.
▪ Intake valve kit is removable for easy maintenance.
▪ External or internal mixing system can be selected according to gas hydrogen content.
▪Adapt to low calorific value gas with high hydrogen content.
▪ High degree of automation, high safety and low operating cost.


Biomass gas/municipal waste gas generator at a glance.