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Gasifiers are widely used for gasification, heating and power generation of various rice husks, straw, peat, coal powder and municipal solid waste. The heat value of a single system is 5-20MJ, and the power generation capacity is 100kW-2MW. Gasifier well solved the environmental problem. After the launch of the product, it was well received by customers in Europe and Southeast Asia, has been successfully applied in Bulgaria, Thailand, Chile, Philippines, South Africa, Kenya and many other countries to solve waste utilization and environmental problems. Now more efforts are committed in gasification, gas generating  and power generation of coal to gas and sorting garbage projects.





1) Feeding, ashing, reaction, and application are automatically controlled, and there will be no dirty, chaotic, or poor phenomenon of biomass direct burning.
2) Biomass gas produced is clean and tar free, and the emission of exhaust gas is up to standard.
3) Compared with traditional fossil fuels, biomass gasification has obvious economic advantages.
4) In the gasification process of biomass gasifier, the furnace is at atmospheric pressure, safe and reliable.
5) During the production of the gasifier, no fumes or waste water will be emitted. The produced carbon has economic value and is sold in sealed bags.





Gasifier introduction.
Gasifier technology advantages.