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Methane gas generator have wide power range and adapt to the characteristics of low gas concentration and large fluctuations in gas sources in coal mines. The advantages of low-concentration methane gas generator are outstanding, and they have been widely used in major coal mines in China.
  • Methane gas generator

  • Methane gas generator

During coal production in coal mine station, drainage gas with methane concentration above 8% can be used as a fuel for power generation after simple treatment, the generated electricity can be incorporated to coalmine internal power net, and it can also be incorporated directly to national power grid. High temperature exhaust of the engine can be recovered through heat recovery unit for winter heating, bath, and provide hot air to coal mine underground.





The traditional CHP solution.
Methane gas generator at a glance.

▪   Multi-level fire protection transportation, with explosion venting, explosion suppression and explosion-proof protection to ensure safety conveying of low concentration methane gas.
▪   Adopting electric mixer and closed-loop automatic control technology, to achieve real-time air-fuel ratio adjustment, strong adaptability to gas fluctuation and stable power output.
▪   With a key to start, automatic closing and loading function, high degree of automation.
▪   Continuously run at full capacity, annual running time 7500 hours, high power generation benefit.
▪   Low failure rate, long overhaul period and low operating cost.




Gas requirement.

▪    Gas temperature≤40℃
▪    Gas pressure 2.5~10kPa
▪    Pressure change rate≤1kPa/min
▪    Methane content≥8%,methane and oxygen≥26%,oxygen≥16%
▪    Methane concentration change rate≤2 %/min
▪    Moisture content≤40g/Nm3,no free water 
▪    Impurity content≤30mg/Nm3
▪    Impurity size≤5μm
▪    Sulfur content≤100mg/Nm3