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Biomass/municipal waste gas

Southeast Asia 
Electrical capacity: 3×400 kW
Electrical capacity: 3×400 kW
South Africa
Electrical capacity: 1×400 kW
East Asia
Electrical capacity: 4×500 kW
East Asia
Electrical capacity: 1×300 kW
Electrical capacity: 13×500 kW


 Inner Mongolia
Gas type: Calcium carbide gas
Electrical capacity:20×1200 kW
Shandong Province
Gas type: Coke oven gas
Electrical capacity:6×500 kW
Xinjiang Autonomous Region
Gas type: Semi-coke gas
Electrical capacity:10×600 kW
Jiangsu Province
Gas type: Oilfield associated gas 
Electrical capacity:1×700 kW
Gansu Province
Gas type: Oil shale gas
Electrical capacity:15×500 kW

Natural gas

Electrical capacity:7×1000 kW
Electrical capacity:8×1000 kW


Shandong Province
Electrical capacity:2×500 kW
Guangxi Autonomous Region
Electrical capacity:3×700 kW

Methane gas

Guizhou Province
Electrical capacity:2×600 kW
Shaanxi Province
Electrical capacity:6×700 kW
Electrical capacity:4×600 kW