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Mainly include : layout of generator room, electrical room, gas system, cooling system and exhaust system. 

Advantages : low investment; easy maintenance; beautiful appearance. 



2、Configuration solutions.
Power plant layout .
4、Project Operation Solutions.

4.1  Cooperative power generation.





All or part of the generating units are provided by company. The customer is responsible for the construction of the power station, providing power distribution facilities, using the customer's combustible gas to generate electricity, and the customer is responsible for the operation and management of the plant and the payments.





4.2 Project turnkey contract.





According to the needs of customers, company provide project consulting, engineering design, construction, project management and turnkey services which is professional and fast, to save investment and maximize investment returns for customers.





4.3 Power station entrusted management .





All investment and construction of the power station done by customer, company is responsible for the operation and management of the power station and the supply of spare parts. The customer pays the operating service fee according to the contract. At the end of the contract period, company investment is partially transferred to the customer.





In response to customer demand for gas power generation but has capital and project time limits, company can provide customers with power generation equipment and technical services in the form of rental. Company is responsible for the operation and management of the project. Customer pays equipment rental fees and operating service fees in accordance with the contract.





1、Combined heat & power(CHP)solutions.

Extracting heat from gas generator high temperature exhaust to produce hot water or steam, achieve energy cascade utilization, total thermal efficiency can reach 80%. 

Mainly include : gas generator set container and electrical container, equipment foundation need to be made on site.  

Advantages : compact structure and short construction period, low noise.  



Silent container layout .

4.4 Equipment rental.