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For the characteristics of high sulphur content and high CO2 content in gas, optimum design has been made. It has good stability and strong adaptability, and has great influence in the field of biogas/natural gas/oilfield associated gas power generation.
  • Biogas/Natural gas/Oilfield associated gas generator

  • Biogas/Natural gas/Oilfield associated gas generator

Customized operation.

In view of the corrosive characteristics of biogas and oilfield associated gas, new technology and new material is adopted to the engine intake system, combustion system, intercooler and turbocharger, anti-corrosion treatment to extend service life. 





Suitable for pipeline natural gas and oil associated gas in municipal, oil field and gas field; industrial sewage biogas, livestock manure biogas, food waste biogas and landfill biogas.

New technology and new material, long service life.
Usage area.

•    CHP range to meet power, heat, cold, steam, hot water energy requirements.
•    Runs on natural gas, biogas or oilfield associated gas CCHP distributed energy systems.
•    Ready-for-connection, silent, compact module.
•    Very economical with high thermal efficiency.
•    Long running times, reliable and low maintenance.
•    Modular assembly allows insertion into narrow buildings.





Biogas/Natural gas/Oilfield associated gas generator at a glance.
Gas requirement.

 ▪    Gas temperature≤40℃
▪    Gas pressure 2.5~10kPa
▪    Methane content≥50%
▪    Pressure change rate≤1kPa/min
▪    Moisture content≤40g/Nm3,不含游离水no free water
▪    Sulfur content≤200mg/Nm3
▪    NH3 ≤20mg/Nm3
▪    Impurity content≤30mg/Nm3
▪    Impurity size≤5μm




  • Biogas/Natural gas/Oilfield associated gas generator are compatible to be used for biogas, natural gas and oilfield associated gas power generation, can be grid-connected operation or operated as distributed energy system, uniform power distribution for multi-units parallel island operation, timely response of loading and unloading, stable operation.